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* What do you do as a couple (your together interests or hobbies)?
What are some of your favorite things to do together? Do you like to lounge around lazily on a Saturday watching reruns of Tom and Jerry and sip hot cocoa from the same mug (awee)...Do you enjoy fine dining and wine tasting tours or going on wine tasting tours and pretending to spit when you really swallowed (that was good wine) as you both giggle grape bubbles...Do you enjoy walks on the beaches, 5k's, tv's slouching buddies, it science you share or 'weird science' you like 'pi',....You get it right- fill it in here.
* What do you adore most about your partner?
What words would you use to describe the feel for your portraits?
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What expectations do you have from your Session?
* Did someone Refer You? We'd love to know who or how you heard of Micki K Photography; please tell us.
Is there anything we should know?
Anything....really. Do you fall asleep when you hear a clicking noise or loud flash of light or both simultaneously? Take your time... You only smile for three-legged dogs wearing polka dot tutus while someone hums 'Tubthumping'. Okay, anything else? Just let us know right here...
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